At the masterclass, you will learn:

Eduard Azuaza and Oscar Albinyana

"Textures and Innovations in the Modern Culinary"

Chefs Eduard Azuaza and Oscar Albinyana are the masters who train the biggest names in the culinary world. They have prepared a special class for the Bulgarian audience, where they will unfold in detail with practical demonstrations the latest trends and textures in modern cuisine.

Paco Perez

"Techniques in the Kitchen of Miramar"

Chef Paco Perez holds a total of 5 Michelin stars. He will showcase the intricacies of combining taste and texture in the kitchen of "Miramar" – evolving from a beach shack to a 2 Michelin-starred restaurant.

Avant-garde solutions for combinations of aromas that enhance the taste of selected products are a trademark of Perez in the kitchen. Not coincidentally, he carries his reputation as a master who knows how to excite all levels of the senses.

Oriol Rovira

"Working with Farm-to-Table Products"

Chef Oriol Rovira, with 1 Michelin star, will demonstrate how to work in a sustainable kitchen concept, expect him to showcase specifics when working with farm-to-table products.

Carles Mampel

"The Secret of Technological Sugars"

Chef Carles Mampel is renowned as the best pastry chef in the world. With extensive experience worldwide, he is one of the most preferred lecturers in the field of high-level dessert preparation. In his class, you will discover the possibilities of technological sugars. The topic is exceptionally innovative and will delve into the trends and possibilities of modern pastry art.

Diego Guerrero

"4-Star Masterclass – The Secrets of Success"

Chef Diego Guerrero has earned 4 Michelin stars in a remarkably short time. He is a true Rock Star in the culinary world. Guerrero is an artist, a rebel who can afford to break the rules, to shorten the distance with his audience with one single goal – to create anticipation and food that excites. The philosophy of his restaurant is for the customer to be dedicated to the culinary experience they came for. Diego is one of those daring chefs who can afford to prepare the most traditional and simple dish in an exceptional gourmet variation. What exactly he will surprise his audience with is a secret even to us, but one thing is certain: for 120 minutes, Guerrero will show you techniques for cooking, as a reward for Pil Pil.

Master Class - Chefs

On December 5th, for the first time in Bulgaria, five iconic figures of global renown will conduct their masterclasses.

Chef Paco Perez, holder of 5 Michelin stars, will reveal the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine.
Chefs Eduard Azuaza and Oscar Albinyana will showcase the latest trends and techniques in molecular gastronomy.
Chef Oriol Rovira, with 1 Michelin star, will demonstrate working with farm-to-table products.
World pastry champion Carles Mampel will unveil the possibilities of technological sugars.
Chef Diego Guerrero, with 4 Michelin stars earned in a record time, will surprise the audience with an avant-garde class, demonstrating how to prepare a traditional dish, as a reward for Pil Pil.

The ticket is valid for all classes throughout the day.
Start time: 10:00 AM, with each class lasting about 2 hours. The event is supported by: Metro, Tomeko, Unilever, Cellar 52, Hotel Marinela, BTV Media Group, On Air, Az Jenata, Dnes BG.

05.12.2023 – Hall 1

Start: 10:00 a.m.
End: 8 p.m.

Package price

600.00leva (the price is for all masterclasses)

Payment methods:

At EasyPay and EpayGo cash desks.


All masterclasses will take place during the period of December 5th to 7th, coinciding with the Biorest Cup 2023 competition.