Best CULINARY TEAM in "Biorest Cup 2023"


  • Culinary competition - every contest needs clear rules.

The jury will evaluate the best team, which will win the grand prize of 10,000 BGN. Each interested team must submit a preliminary online application for participation at our website
Only approved applications will be admitted to the forum. The competition is team-based, with each team consisting of 3 people.


In the final phase of the BIOREST CUP, 16 teams will be admitted to compete live during the forum. BIOREST CUP  16 teams will be allowed to compete live during the forum.


Each team can consist of up to 3 members - head chef, assistant chef, and pastry chef.


Important - a hygiene steward will be provided by the organizer during the competition but will not be part of the team and will not have the right to help in any way during the cooking process.


Teams will have a fully equipped set provided by "TOMEKO."


It includes the following inventory:
One pair of induction stoves with a power of 2x3500kW by ТОМЕКО
One single induction stove
with a power of 3000kW by ТОМЕКО
Convection oven - 7 levels  ТОМЕКО

Refrigeration equipment ТОМЕКО
Medium temperature and low temperature

Work stations ТОМЕКО

Racks for storing dishes 

For the three boxes, you will have at your disposal:
2x Shock chillers (one negative - for confectioners and one positive - for chefs)
Vacuum machine TOMEKO


► Appliance distribution scheme - Download!

Additional equipment will be announced at a later stage 

Competition program:

Chefs have up to 150 minutes,to present a three-course menu for six covers.



The menu consists of an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

  • 90 min for preparing appetizers
  • 120 min for preparing main courses
  • 150 min for preparing dessert

► Evaluation form of jury!


Finished presentations are submitted to the jury along with a technology description card.


The three-course menu includes the following dishes:


  1. Hot or cold appetizer with the main product being trout. 
  2. Main course - protein of choice and at least two garnishes and sauces. 
  1. Dessert - with main products chocolate and pumpkin. Individually served on a plate with decoration.
    One or more of the listed UFS products must be present in the main course, samples of which will be provided to the participants! 

    1. Liquid vegetable stock 2. Liquid seafood stock 3. Liquid fish stock 4. Liquid chicken stock 5. Liquid beef stock 6. Jellied beef stock 7. Saffron paste 8. Umami 9. Citrus fresh 10. Deep smoke 11. Soy sauce 12. Worcestershire 13. Teriyaki sauce 14. Real mayonnaise 15. Mustard bucket 16. Barbecue tube. For more information and consultation about the products, you can contact the culinary consultants of UFS - Diko Tomchev +359 882 760 434 and Alexander Kuzev +359 886 398 610  

    All participants receive a 15% discount on all Biorest Bulgaria products from Sosa, 100chef, Pavoni Italia and Freezedried series.


    Chefs are allowed to use products and additives only from edible components in their plate. 1 pre-prepared component is allowed for each dish (starter, main course, dessert) with a pre-described preparation method.

    Each team must submit a completed technological card with the recipes of all the components of their dishes by November 1st.  ► Download the blank!

    Each team must prepare 6 dishes from each course in the menu for the jury during the competition, including appetizer, main course, and dessert.

    Important - the main course is presented with a multi-component garnish in an original variation. The sauce is freestyle.

    All teams must wear the following attire:
    - Work shoes
    - Black work pants
    - Chef jacket
    - An apron


    ► IMPORTANT RULES  – Download! 


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