Diego Guerrero

Diego Guerrero

Diego led El Club Allard Restaurant, where he earned two MICHELIN Stars. On the 1st of July 2014, he began his solo venture with DSTAgE Concept.

One of the most notable are the 2 MICHELIN Stars it currently holds; the first obtained four months after opening, in November 2014, corresponding to the 2015 guide, and the second in the 2017 edition, received in November 2016. DSTAgE also has 3 Soles in the Repsol Guide, the highest category of this publication. In addition to these distinctions, it is worth mentioning the 3 EME Metrópoli Guide, the Metrópoli Restaurant of the Year Award in 2017, the Metrópoli Award in 2015 ‘Revelation Restaurant’, the Honourable Mention as ‘Restaurant of the Year’ Metrópoli, the Best Chef and Best Restaurant Award by the users of Gourmet Magazine, the First restaurant in Madrid, fourth in Spain and Travellers ́Choice Award 2016 by Tripadvisor, the Gentleman Award 2016, the ELLE Gourmet Awards 2017, the Hombre GQ recognition in 2017, the Culture Award 2019 of the Community of Madrid.

Since 2021 Diego is part of the select Top 100 of The Best Chef Awards, where he entered in the 89th position, climbing in the 2022 edition to number 38.